A grey blue dragon with light blue spikes across it stands in front of a craggy green water source looking menacing. In red it says Den of Dragons. In White it says Volume 1 of Crimson Author Anthologies Various Authors.

Prophecies, goddesses, legends, myths, lost love, new love….

The Primean Dragons, the direct daughters of the queen and dragon goddess Tiamat herself, are renowned for their prophetic powers, but none more so than Shamû. To become a dragonbound, one must be utterly in love with Tiamat.

Every night, Kyra hopes to see the shot of flame that signifies Zeflaw is flying, her one true love. When she performs the mating dance high in the air, will it be Zeflaw who flies for her, or another?

Biorn the Bold is feeling his age. His muscles ache more every year. He’s beginning to wonder if he’s wasted his life in this endless search for mythical dragons. He’s built up quite a reputation for his bravery as a dragon hunter, though he’s never actually seen a real dragon.

Love blossoms when sixteen-year-old Faith goes for a hike in Oregon’s beautiful mountains and finds a wounded young dragon shifter. Badly hurt in a fall, she must try to help Aeson without her parents finding out.

No longer available for purchase through publisher.

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