A child lays on the ground in jeans and a pink shirt and jacket, long brown hair down, raising a hand toward a koala bear wearing a tan vest and red bandana holding a spear in their direction. A white and brown cat arches hissing while a white unicorn is trapped under a net. The grass is brown and tall and there are sparce trees in the back. In white font it is written The Secret Door The Hall of Doors Book Four By Janice Clark Pictures by J.W. Kalin

Sammy feels as though her world has caved in when her mom has to move to another city to get work. She grasps what may be her last chance to introduce her friend Kerri to Selena’s world, and the two are off on an exciting adventure to rescue BB and a group of homeless refugees. Their allies include shape-shifting elves who can turn into unicorns, and dragon-hunting, nomadic kizzees, who look a little like koalas.

Both the kizzees and the unicorns are exiles from Princess Selena’s home world, displaced by The Dark, and parties to an age-old feud, which complicates matters a little.

Bonus story: “A Small Adventure”

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