A book cover of brown skinned individual stands with their back turned to the viewer. A pale cloak wrapped around them, long brown hair slightly blowing to the side. They stand on a stone street next to a rundown looking white home with smooth walls. A brown mountain is on the horizon and a high tech space vessel is barely visible in the upper corner. White text reads: "To heal a broken planet. Book one of the Healer's Apprentice Series" with the author's name at the bottom: "Janice Clark"

What happens when you mix a regressed society, a former space colony recovering from a long-ago disaster, with an off-world group searching for new medicines (and maybe old answers). Add the indigenous, telepathic “little people” to the mix, throw in a society of psychic healers, and maybe a cat with interesting friends. Narrow the focus to a special child who may or may not be the child of prophecy but at least has connections to all the others. The fate of her world may depend on the child learning the secrets of her past—if the darkest secret doesn’t catch up with her first.

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