This was written for a dear friend, Eileen Droun, who was fighting a losing battle with leukemia. Told she had only two weeks to live, she gave everything away, said goodbye to her friends, and even planned her own funeral service. At that point, she went into remission and continued doing the Lord’’ work for two more years.

The poem has been used for several funeral services. I would like to think that it also offers a blueprint for living.

I woke into the morning of my life;
A sheen of newness overlay the world.
My hours were filled with butterflies and laughter.
Before me endless summers, too soon ended.

And He was there beside me, my companion,
Playmate, comforter, my friend and teacher,
To guide my baby steps with gentle kindness,
To share my laughter and to dry my tears.

At noon, I raced to gather up possessions
And bright responsibilities, like pebbles
From the shore; my life was busy,
And all my treasures made a heavy burden.

But He was there beside me, my companion,
Loving and wise, through all my self-made trials
Easing my way in patience and compassion;
Lending His strength to help me bear the load.

Now afternoon’s long shadows fade to twilight;
Forward into the darkness I must go,
Leaving behind my playmates and my trinkets.
Alone and empty-handed ends my day.

Yet still He walks beside me, my companion.
My hand in His, I know no doubt nor fear
Nor hesitate to walk into the night,
For though the way be dark, in Him is light.

© Janice Lewis Clark 9-30-95