A child in a blue dress with white apron and short brown hair looks into a mirror while holding a black and red backpack. They stand in a golden field with a peach and brown cat pawing at the great mirror. Pin trees dot the landscape in the background. In dark text is written "The Mirror Door The Hall of Doors Book 3 by Janice Clark Pictures by J.W. Kalin"

Furious at losing the part of Alice in the school play, Sammy quarrels with her friend Kerri, her mother, and even her cat, Peaches. But Peaches won’t let her wallow in self-pity, and nudges her up the magical moonbeam path again. There she faces a more challenging role as she accompanies the cats, Peaches and BB, on a mission. From jabberwocks and carnivorous humpties to hyperactive pixie soldiers and a girl-eating dandelion, there’s plenty of excitement along the way. And that’s just the beginning. Can Sammy solve a mystery and make peace between two quarreling queens?

Bonus story: “Half a Doll House,” in which two quarreling sisters learn to cooperate

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