Two children sit on a stone floor looking out a door to peer out over the tops of mountains, high up above the clouds. One child wears a pink dress and has blond hair. Another has shorter brown hair and a white dress. An orange tabby cat sits before the door. In purple font "The Mountains of the Moon Hall of Doors Book 1" is written followed by "By Janice Clark" in dark font, and below that "Pictures by J.W. Kalin"

The moon is full and Sammy’s cat BB (Princess Buttermilk Biscuit) has disappeared again. Where does she go? Will she come back? Sammy follows BB up a moonbeam to a magical world, where she meets Selena and explores some of the wonders of Selena’s castle. The fun turns to gloom when Sammy learns she has a hard decision to make.

Bonus story in this edition: Nolan’s Fishy Adventure

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