A book cover of a girl sitting in the grass with bushes and trees in the background. Various images are shown in bubble look like aliens, an angel, and more. She wears all dark clothing and has dark hair, holding something in her hairs. The words Fairy Gold are written as the title in yellow font with Janice Clark, the author's name, written in dark green.

Be careful what you wish for…

Angelina already has a gift. She can sometimes make herself invisible, or at least cause people not to notice her. But the gillys, the semi-mythical little people who befriend her, can do so much more. Angelina is certain she’ll attain true happiness if only her “fairy” friends will give her one of their “magic stones.” As in most fairy tales, the results are not as expected, but one can’t really blame the gillys.

Adventure, true love, a dastardly villain, broken hearts and a seed of hope

This is a “prequel” to the story of Teeka, Angelina’s daughter, in the Apprentice Healer series. The first chapter of To Heal a Broken Planet is included.

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