A girl wears an turquoise dress, standing with arms held out and palms up, illuminated by spotlight, long brown hair down as she gazes up. The scenery is just a silhouette of trees in the distance as twilight falls in a series of dark blue fading to light blue becoming pink at the horizon. Stars dot the upper sky. In white "The Stars Came Down Book Three of the Healer's Apprentice Series" is written followed by the Author's name "Janice Clark"

The prophecy says that Teeka will “mend the broken world” and “spread the gift of healing to the stars.” She’s already made a start on bringing peace to her planet, although she has more challenges to come.

But what if she couldn’t go to the stars? Would the people from the stars come to her? And would they be friendly?

Now thirteen, Teeka faces more complication dealing with her peers, as well as having her life turned upside down by various visitors from off-planet. Her life may never be the same again.

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